(New South Wales)


What do you love about women’s health?

I believe that any worker who contributes to the health care of a female patient should be interested and invested in women’s health. I find O&G to be the perfect blend of medicine/surgery and all my clinical experience has only made me more and more passionate. From maternal fetal medicine to urogynaecology to fertility and reproductive health, there is so much more to O&G than the mandatory birthing suite session medical students fear.

What are you hoping to achieve through PVOGs?

As ANZ Co-Chair I am excited to lead and oversee a group of passionate and skilled volunteers. PVOGS has gone from strength to strength in its time and I hope that we continue to deliver inspiring events, helpful resources and amazing opportunities across all of Australia & NZ. 2022 presents a new start and I can’t wait for what we achieve in our journey to promote women’s health!