What do you love about women’s health?

My passion for women’s health began after my first experience assisting in a caesarean delivery. Seeing the pure joy on the faces of those new parents as they welcomed life into this world was extremely rewarding. I have continued to expand my interest in women’s health by advocating for safe and equitable obstetric and gynaecological healthcare for all women. Women’s health combines my love for medicine and surgery, and it is an immense privilege to not only help patients through their challenging times but also celebrate in their exciting moments.

What are you hoping to achieve through PVOGs?

I hope to inspire fellow medical students and junior doctors interested in women’s health through innovative and educational events. I hope to continue to grow our PVOGS community and work with the state representatives to assist our members in their aspirations to improve their understanding of women’s health and contribute to their professional development within obstetrics and gynaecology.