(New South Wales)


What do you love about women’s health?

Equitable maternal healthcare is critical in meeting our human rights obligations. It supports women, non-binary people and trans men to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health that will impact their lives for years to come. I love obstetrics and gynaecology for its capacity to combine medicine and surgery, while empowering clinicians to act as advocates for their patients in conversations pertaining to health system reform, maternal and infant health, rural maternity access, intimate partner violence, Closing the Gap and Queer health.

What are you hoping to achieve through PVOGs?

The Advocacy Portfolio is new to PVOGS in 2022, which is an exciting opportunity to build structures and systems to better represent the interests of prevocational doctors and medical students. I’m eager to engage with binational stakeholders in the maternal and infant health, reproductive care and rural health space, to advocate for more equitable health outcomes for all people who seek O&G care.