Thejasvini Muddasani

(New South Wales)


What do you love about women’s health?

I’m drawn to women’s health for 3 main things. Firstly, it’s universal application, good health care for women is vital whether you’re in small community in a developing country, in the middle of a disaster or at a major tertiary centre. Secondly, it is such a diverse field of medicine with surgery, medicine and the occasional emergency! It keeps us on our toes and offers us an opportunity to be constantly learning!Lastly, it is such a privilege to be able to help women through some of their most important days. This includes celebrating with them when we help bring their baby into this world but also holding their hands through the more vulnerable moments life has to offer.

What are you hoping to achieve through PVOGs?

I’m hoping to achieve two main things:
One, provide a platform for like minded individuals to bond together over similar interests. We can all learn so much from each other, whether thats working together to expand our passion for women’s health or helping each other propel in our respective careers.Two, find opportunities for research and volunteering in the field of women’s health and share these opportunities with colleagues.