O&G Research Database

In 2023 PVOGS-ANZ launched the PVOGS O&G Research Database to help our members, medical students and junior doctors, partner with senior clinicians and established researcher. Our goal is that juniors are able to get involved with meaningful research projects, expand their research skills and contribute to the evidence base of our clinical work. For senior clinicians it provides access to a pool of juniors who are eager and ready to invest their effort and time into research projects.


A Partnership Platform

This research database functions like a job board, for:

  1. Medical Students and Junior Doctors: Please click on "Current Research Oppurtunities"
  2. Senior Clinicians and Researchers: Please click on "Post a New Research Oppurtunity"



  1. What should senior researchers specify about their projects?

    • Senior researchers should detail the expected time commitment, project duration, skills required from junior researchers, and clear expectations regarding authorship.
  2. As a junior researcher, what should I consider when browsing project listings?

    • Juniors should consider their own skills, interests, and availability. It's crucial to fully understand the project's requirements and expectations before committing.
  3. What if I have questions about a project listing?

    • Juniors are encouraged to email senior researchers to engage in open dialogue about any queries or clarifications
  4. How are expectations regarding authorship determined?

      • Senior researchers are encouraged to clarify authorship expectations from the outset. Both parties should discuss and agree upon roles and contributions.


How to Use The Database