New South Wales

We are the New South Wales chapter of the Pre-Vocational Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (PVOGS)

PVOGS New South Wales was founded in 2016-17 with the aim of developing a sense of community and portal of communication between medical students and junior doctors interested in obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G) in New South Wales. Our goal is to work with PVOGS Australia and New Zealand to promote and foster active interest in matters affecting the O&G field and its training pathway as well as to enhance the educational opportunities given to medical students and junior doctors in this field. Our society is a network representing the transition from a medical student to an O&G registrar, connecting pre-vocational doctors/students with RANZCOG.

PVOGS NSW consists of an Executive and a Council. The Executive consists of 6 elected members, including a co-chair, a co-chair/treasurer, a secretary, a Sponsorship Officer, an Academic Officer, and an Events Director. This executive has founded PVOGS NSW as an entity, sets the priorities of PVOGS NSW, organises events, distributes educational content, and focuses on engaging medical students and junior doctors throughout NSW. PVOGS NSW is further contributed to by a Council, which currently comprises 21 members, including a representative from each medical school and major hospital network in NSW. The role of Council members is to communicate PVOGS NSW initiatives and represent their respective medical school or hospital network.

In just a short time since our foundation, PVOGS NSW has become a sizeable network of medical students and junior doctors in New South Wales interesting in O&G. We have held several successful events, including our Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Subspecialty Information and Networking evening, and a joint event with the Sydney University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society about Careers in O&G. In 2018, we hope to expand further, creating an even larger network of medical students and junior doctors with a passion for O&G, through online education and events. We hope to include a laparoscopic skills workshop, a charity networking breakfast, a Maternal-Foetal-Medicine (MFM) subspecialty information night and a networking night for junior doctors interested in O&G as a career path.

You can contact PVOGS NSW any time at:

You can also stay in touch and contact us via Facebook or Twitter:
Twitter: @PVOGSNSW

The PVOGS NSW Executive members include:

Samantha Carr
Samantha Carr
Co-Chair / State Representative
Samantha coordinates, guides and chairs the PVOGS NSW Executive and Council, providing goals and vision for the improvement of the society. She represents PVOGS NSW in corresponding and coordinating with PVOGS Australia & New Zealand.
Wrivu Martin
Wrivu Martin
Co-Chair / Treasurer
Wrivu coordinates and manages PVOGS NSW’s financial portfolio. In collaboration with the Co-Chair and National Representative, he also chairs the NSW Executive and Council.
Theju Muddasani
Theju Muddasani
Theju coordinates correspondence with and from PVOGS NSW, organises elections held by PVOGS NSW, and coordinates and manages Executive and Council meetings for PVOGS NSW.
Gimhani Abeygunasekara
Gimhani Abeygunasekara
Events Director
Gimhani coordinates academic, research and social events for PVOGS in New South Wales, as well as assisting in other promotional, academic and publications activities that arise within the executive.
Shivany Vignarajan
Shivany Vignarajan
Academic Officer
Shivany coordinates PVOGS NSW academic events and provides our members with information regarding evidence-based obstetrics and gynaecology research, RANZCOG training pathways, research opportunities and available courses and programs of interest to members.
Albert Vu
Albert Vu
Sponsorship Officer
Albert actively seeks new sponsorship opportunities for PVOGS NSW and manages sponsorship relationships. He liases with sponsors to plan events, activities and marketing strategies. Albert also assists with other promotional, academic and publications activities that arise within the executive.

Over the 2017/2018 term, the Council members include:

University or Hospital Network Represented
Representative Name
Western Sydney University
Keersten Fitzgerald
University of Newcastle
Juliet Smith
University of NSW
Katie Goldman
Sydney University
Stephanie Wood
University of Wollongong
Network 1: RPA
Tanya Mahajan
Network 2: Bankstown/Cambelltown
Network 3: Concord
Network 4: Liverpool
Elena Luo
Network 5: Royal North Shore Hospital
Samantha Carr
Network 6: Hornsby
Elaina Ward
Network 7: Gosford
Brianna Crocker
Network 8: St George
Michelle Yu
Network 9: POW
Tali Feiglin
Network 10: St Vincent's
Annie Macadam
Network 11: Wollongong
Laura Sunderland
Network 12: Newcastle Hospital / John Hunter
Laura Hodges
Network 13: Westmead
Mandy Wang
Network 14: Nepean
Amy Brunet
Network 15: Central West
Rural (Wagga)
Georgina Uttley